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TrioWave Technologies is a healthcare technology company devoted to provide innovative solution for 1.5 billion people over the world to relieve pain from their daily life.

PainKARE is a pioneer project developed by TrioWave Technologies with five US patents filed. Built on advanced biotechnology and cloud computing, with innovations in data driven symptom diagnosis, effect validating and protocol optimization, PainKARE delivers a symptom specific personalized treatment for home patient to relieve, or recover, from common pain to complex pain syndrome quickly, safely and effectively.

PainKARE solution brings profound perspectives to healthcare industry.

  • 1.Instead of medicine or TENS for temporary pain relief, PainKARE provides a methodology of self healing or recovery to the pain with long term effect. It is safe, quick, effective, non-invasive, no side effect and 100% drug free.
  • 2.Using computer artificial intelligence to diagnose, optimize, adjust and monitor the treatments to home patient for better chronic pain control, saving patient time and money in visiting clinic regularly, and reducing clinic workload. The model could be further developed and extended to other disease control.
  • 3.In future, it allows online doctor, scientist or researcher to diagnose, validate and customize protocol for specific symptom to both local and remote patients. It is a very practical healthcare model to serve patient in rural areas.

A cloud platform that plays a vital role in symptom diagnosis, effect validating and protocol optimization:

  • 1.A protocol library that stores 200+ categorized treatment protocols against specific pain symptom for patient to browse, select and download.
  • 2.Biofeedback from treatments will be quantitated and indexed into data for validating of therapeutic effect.
  • 3.Data driven diagnosis and analysis over huge clinical database to optimize the protocol for following treatments.

Mobile app is will guide user walk through the operation to ensure a valid pain treatment. With an intuitive user interface, it allows user to browse and select treatment protocol, program the device via Bluetooth and instruct user to start and monitor the progress, and then, upload logging and biofeedback to cloud database.

PainKARE Patch is one frontend medical device that uses bioelectricity stimulation to promote self healing and restoration to the injury. It could run either preloaded protocol or programmed protocol by mobile app for specific symptom, and gather biofeedback for mobile app to upload.

Biostimulation methodology was only served in clinic by trained specialist for pain relief. PainKARE brings this technology from clinic to home treatment without scarifying its capability and more

The development of more frontend medical devices are underway.

Bioelectric Stimulation

Comparing to traditional TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Bioelectric Stimulation for pain management is different from its principle, techniques and usage:


TENS basically activates the body to produce endorphins that are chemicals acting as the body's natural pain killers. It blocks the body sending pain signal to brain during treatment but the pain comes back after a short period.

With gradually adaptation of human nervous to stimulated current intensity and frequency, its analgesic effect could be reduced so using stronger stimulation becomes the option that actually caused many side effects.

Bioelectric Stimulation emits a tiny current similar to those current that is body produced for healing of impaired cell, tissue and nerve. It was discovered that Bioelectric Stimulation boost the number of organelles responsible for cellular activities, and to increase concentrations of ATP, the cellular energy. Current studies also found that it will realign electromagnetic field to impaired cell or nerve for self recovering by depolarization and re-polarization. Overall, Bioelectric Stimulation cures the pain in some cases, not just block or temporarily relief.

Further research on Bioelectric Stimulation based ElectroTherapy could be applied to many diseases and symptom over the body such as mood and internal energy balance, in addition to pain management.


TENS uses milliamp of current by some pulse train with a high frequency up to 50Khz or above. It incurs quite side effect, contraindication and side effects.

Bioelectric Stimulation uses microamp of constant current, one thousandth of TENS used, with low frequency of 0.1 to 0.5Hz to simulate current level of cell and nerve. It is much safer, effective, and no side effect but some adverse reaction if improperly operating the therapy.


TENS usually take 20 to 30 minutes for a treatment. For severe condition, it is common to take a treatment several times a day.

Bioelectric Stimulation therapy usually takes about 30 minutes to several hours depending on the conditions. For acute pain, it may need a daily treatment, and every two days with one treatment, and four or five days a one. Big percentage of patient could have 70% of improvement after 4 to 6 treatments.

PhotoTherapy Principle

Phototherapy therapy originated in ancient Egypt and Greece. It decomposes the sunlight into different spectrum for different diseases. After a large number of clinical practice and research, Indian doctors Dinshah made systematic therapy of phototherapy. He discovered that the internal organs like the eye are light-sensitive body. With a specific wavelength of light applied to the internal organs, it may achieve different therapeutic or adverse effects. Typical case is to apply indigo spectrum to treat diarrhea caused by colitis.

Russian scientists further found that light can be transmitted through the meridians in certain parts of the body. This finding confirms the feasibility of phototherapy Indian doctor Dinshah was pioneering.

Modern phototherapy has gradually become mainstream therapy of non-invasive treatment to functional disorders. Typical treatments include;

  • Lung, esophagus, and some small tumors within the lumen
  • Using near-infrared light to promote growth of 150-200% of the cells to help the bone marrow transplant
  • Treatment of depression and some other mood disorders
  • Body energy balance, pediatric diseases and pain

Personalized Treatment

Traditional medical device for therapy is relying on trained operator or professional to properly configure or manage a therapy for sepcific symptom. It wont applicable for home user with limited knowledge and experience to operate and determine if selected therapy is effective or overdosed.

With current technology, it becomes possible to attach bio-sensor to medical device to acquire patient biofeedback to analyze, reasoning and determine if the device is right place to specific symptom, along with proper parameters such as waveform, frequency, or duration to get expected results.

Furthermore, each treatment with parameters and biofeedback could be uploaded to Internet based clinic database for data mining and analysis by healthcare professional who could further review patient biofeedback, modify treatment parameter for specific symptom, and conduct following treatments with optimal result.

Modern Bioengineering

Biomedical engineering is changing its scope from development of standalone device to multi-domain based mega biomedical device that could expand its logic component to other platform like mobile and cloud based resource for advanced and sophisticated process and functionalities. A typical sample is wearable device that gathers bio-feedback such as blood pressure, ECG or EEG from attached sensor and uploaded to cloud based clinic database by mobile device for surveillance and alerting.

TrioWave Technologies moves a step further. With patented Trio technology, it could build up an online clinic database with treatment data and biofeedback gathered from different race, gender, or age group to form certain pattern to specific disease and symptom. Healthcare professional could further analyze, customize and adjust treatment parameters for a particular patient, push new treatment parameters down to biomedical device by mobile technology for next treatment. By repeating the steps, it could perform remote diagnosis and personalized treatment to local patient.


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